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VISIOFACTORY : A touch of sun and style for every seasons.!

 This is what can bring the VisioFactory store  with them beautiful sunglasses and eyeglasses  in a limited edition or a popular edition. You can find lot of brands like Ray Ban, Dior, Persol, Oakley and with different prices of course ! 


 Moreover, instead to go to a store and fall to the worst thing in the world : out of stock , you can find your happiness from your bed, your sofa, your chair with your computer or your phone because Visio Factory is an online store ! :)


What I really like in this store ? 

It's simple, I like this wide panel of models that they sell and also the possibility to realize good deals (it's better when you can buy the product that you love with a lowest price)


I had a crush on this Ray Ban model that you can see on my picture. This model is for me an eternal model to have and in same time a trendy model, it can never lose style with time ! 


I have then a last thing to say to finish this article : long life to Visiofactory ! :)


Le Coq en pap’ : Creator of vintage accessories with the nowadays color.

Model : Linen bow tie

Finish a style can be done in many ways ! Nowadays, we can have the choice between many accessories and today I’m going to talk about a french brand which can be only loved by men and women thanks to its wide panel of bow ties, headbands and cufflinks.


But why a bow tie ? 


In my opinion, a bow tie is an accessory that we can wear for many events and reasons. You can wear it for weddings, for celebrations with friends (at home or in a restaurant), for your work but also for your everyday life ! It will always finish your style and bring lot of look to it.  

Like a chameleon, the bow tie can be associated with many types of style.


But why to choose an accessory from Le Coq en pap’ ? 


It’s simple ! If we keep this chameleon concept, this brand sell bow ties which can fill lot of men and women who have different style. With or without prints models are proposed by this brand.


I was really seduced by the wide and beautiful panel color which is present in this brand. 


Otherwise, the quality ! These bow ties are made in France. To have realized pictures with them (and also touched them by the way), I can only attest of their good quality. 

The size is adjustable to the size S to XL.


Then, let’s talk about the price.

You can find bow ties from 39 € (with prints) to 45 € (without prints in linen material). You can also find cufflinks for 25 € and for you, women, headbands for 29 €.


Howewer, if you want an unique model, you can realize it with the brand. Indeed, you can do it with an old garment that you have in your dressing (or without it). It’s a beautiful way to give a second life to a clothe ! The price will be delivered to you by the brand with a free estimation.


Then, to the end, do not wait a wedding to have and to be the owner of one of these beautiful pieces that I think you can keep a long time ! :)


Model : Linen bow tie

Model : Red cufflinks


Now Watch me - watches to go back in time

Model : Celebration

I don’t know for you but when I finish an outfit, I like to do it with a little thing in more, a watch, a bracelet or both…!


Today, I’m going to talk to you about a french automatic watches brand which is the brand Now Watch Me.


But, you will ask to me, why to choose this brand instead of another one ?


As a romantic, I would like to say to you that the answer is always in the heart. Because yes my friends, these watches are skeleton watches, you can see their mechanism on their dials.


It is really interesting and different to watches that we all have with a black, white or pink dial (for the most daring of us).

It’s typically a kind of watch that we can keep a long time, it will never lose style !

This design is for me a strong point of this brand.


Then, you can be also seduced like me by the fact that these watches are automatic. 

No more batteries needed !

These models function like watches of the past. It is activated with your movements. You can walk, run or again do the Macarena danse, your watch will always work !


Afterward, let’s talk about prices.

With the brand Now Watch Me, you can find a watch between 59 and 75 €. The price is really affordable for an automatic watch ! Moreover, there is an excellent quality price ratio. It is accessible for lot of people and can make their happiness by buying one of these beauties.


I’m a huge fan of the Celebration and the Onyx model. With their steel bracelets, they can always add lot of style to their owners.

But no worries, for people who prefer leather bracelet, the Galant model can may be seduce you with its vegetal leather bracelet and its golden dial.

Sur ce, je m’en vais regarder l’heure.

Au plaisir de vous écrire.

Model : Onyx

Model : Lucky

Mirror my beautiful mirror, who is going to pay my bills ?

Free and fashion

Oh fashion is such a beautiful world, how not to love this environment which inspires us so much. Having a chance to evolve in it is definitely a privilege since there are very few chosen ones and of course a ferocious competition to face. (It may even be easier to triumph from Hunger Games).


But what does really stand behind the curtains of fashion? Does every individual working in it get good money for a living out of it?

The answer is no, do not rely on appearances that sometimes could be misleading. I think many people might think, for instance, that an influencer with tens of thousands of followers is necessarily rich. I have been asked this question quite often and the answer is no. Just like a picture model you can see collaborate with several photographers on different projects or a photographer working on several projects, the answer is still no.

Why will you ask me ?

There are many answers to this question, each person will have their own answer and may not agree with my statement.

In my opinion, as fashion appears to be inaccessible, many people find themselves tempted to accept working for free because then you realize "it does not happen to anyone", " it is an honor "(it is also an honor not to be financially independant, but it does not matter, you will have in return a nice opportunity). Do not delude yourself, if you do not want to do this collab for free, another person will surely take your chance!

The lack of knowledge and transparence can also push you to accept certain things. As rules are not established or well known, each case and collab is very specific and rules can also be different from one brand to another. For this specific reason it is pretty difficult to know exactly whether free is acceptable or not since nothing has been formally established, it is not like an umployment contract where your salary and work conditions will be determined precisely by your employer.

There is also another problem: far too many people agree to work for free. So yes it's great to perform some missions for free, but if everyone agrees to do the so-called thing, it will only encourage the brands to continue working that way. But we also have our share of responsibility for this unfair environment.


Now let's have a quick look at the consequences.

Since you mainly work for free, you basically can't do that for a living and every month will be a challenge, asking yourself how you are going to make it. ( Do not give up, the future probably holds some nice surprises )

Then, working permanently for free can lead to bad self esteem as you will think unconsciously that you provide a low added value service. It's a pretty complicated thing to live with that can cause you to ask yourself many questions when you really shouldn't ! ( Believe in yourself and be optimistic )

Finally, you will not be able to do that on the long run, and I think it is really sad not to be able to do what you are good at simply because rules are not established. ( Be firm and set rules that are both professional and fair to you ).

But what solutions could be found?

As to me, I think that we should set rules in terms of pricing. If we take for example the influencers, each one has his own specific work standards but let's take into consideration that this is a work based on photography and visual communication. Pricing should then depend on these two services combined, obviously taking into account your number of followers. A categorization of the different profiles according to the number of people following you should be set up with precise figures.

Now, about beginner models without agency applying for occasionnal collabs, the estimate should also take this expense into consideration either calculated according to the number of hours worked or to the service.

Finally, if we take the example of trainees (assistant stylist, model maker ans so on) working for some ready-to-wear or luxury brands, working conditions should be better supervised and respected so that people do not feel used. Many brands take advantage of these trainees to make them work more than they should when it shouldn't be, simply because the brand is reknowned. Anyone should have the right to be treated with respect and fairness.


This article is coming to an end, I have not written it to denigrate fashion or brands but, simply to lift the veil on certain problems and maybe even make you think about possible solutions in the long term. Wouldn't it be better for everyone to work in better and decent conditions, especially since we all work toward the same goal that is to succeed and accomplish great things.

looking forward to writing to you !

Dufa Watches.

"The time is watching me and I'm watching the time. - Koan Zen.

In the digital world one might think that many people do not consider watches as a priority, especially when time is displayed on phones or tablets. But actually, this idea is not really accurate, watchmaking keeps surprising us thanks to modern design that can only be appreciated by men.

Today, my article tells the story of one of these brands which will make you stop watching the time on your devices.
This brand is named Dufa (Deutsche Uhrenfabrik) and offers no less than 18 watches collection (so many possibilities, isn’t that nice?).

Some collections offer an elegant, classic and timeless design such as the Weimar GMT 9006 collection but others, such as the Gropius 9001, combine modernity and refinement thanks to a subtle mix of colors or materials, such as a steel bracelet associated with a black, gray or white dial.

As far as I am concerned, I own the DF-9020-11 model from the Gropius 2H 9020 collection. This one and the Gropius 9001 are my favorites mainly because of the models with steel bracelets which I love so much.
I believe that steel gives a lot of style to a watch, it makes it somehow unique and brings something more, that we cannot get tired of. You almost would like people to ask you the time just so you can show how cool your watch looks like.

Choosing Dufa is of course choosing quality watches but also choosing a watch that looks like us (thanks to the wide panel of products) and which we do not want to separate from.

The price range evolves from € 249 to € 649, offering a great accessibility to any budget. In addition, you will benefit from 2 years international guarantee, which I think is very reassuring when it comes to invest money in a watch.

This article is coming to an end, so I'm going to watch the time (and Dufa looks at me)!

Illustration : Tahnee P-S

Photographer : Nicolas B

Christmas and the new year !

A new year is about to end but before this, we will have to celebrate Christmas. Oh Christmas, such an emotionally intense and magical celebration, rich in TV movies, hot chocolates, chocolates, good homemade dishes and above all, gifts of course!

Very often my relatives ask me what I would like to have for Christmas, and this year, for once, I have a precise idea. Do not worry, I'm going to spare you a list that would most certainly have been named "My Christmas Essentials" or "My Perfect Gifts for Christmas" or maybe "my short list for you, my dear Santa Claus".

Everything I wish for this year is not something material or neither something with a financial cost for that matter. All I ask for this Christmas is simply happiness and success for my family, me (and even for you who is reading me of course!). No, I did not drink too much hot wine at a Christmas market, it's sincere. When I see all the people around me, I can only ask for this kind of gift because in my eyes, these people simply deserve a great success and their share of happiness.

This friend for instance, usually so unlucky and who is yet able to make you laugh even when she is under pressure because of a jury to pass, screaming everywhere, she could surprise you by her inner strength! I wish you to be happy and succeed in finding the job of your dreams, the best is ahead of you and waiting for you in Paris (please, be careful not to fall into the steps of the subway).

Or this very brave friend who decided to go back to school next year and could have been judge in a former life, a friend who could make you smile at first sight, I wish you success in the path you chose and a lot of achievements. Your knowledge will always impress me.

Also, I do not forget this friend who, despite her drama side of her personality could make you laugh just dancing (sorry, but when you do the wheel, I have no choice but to laugh), I wish you to find happiness and of course the path you will wreck everything in.

I do not forget you either O my friend who is such an accomplished dreamer and could, when lost in her mind, walk right into a traffic light and get it in the face, your kindness can only be contagious and I can only wish you success because you deserve it, but also to prove to your relatives and especially to yourself, that you are a person who can accomplish so many great things.

How could I not mention this passionate friend who makes you laugh with her innocent blunders that we can only adore. Your strength, your patience and your passion will guide you toward never-ending horizons, I have faith in you and I know that many nice surprises await you in 2018 (and blunders as well of course, we cannot get everything we want in life).

I do not forget all other relatives and people from my entourage, some of whom are still students (I hope your exams will be successful) and others who recently started their professional career (you have my pride and my respect).

And last but not least, I certainly do not forget to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful new year, I wish you to be happy, I also wish you to succeed in your studies, in your professional life but also in your love relationship, do not forget to be happy, according to Voltaire, it's very good for your health ! :)

Models : Clara G, Elise M, Nicolas B

Photographers : Elise M, Nicolas B

chanel : the paris-hamburg métiers d’art show 2017/2018

Once again, I write this article with a hint of delay because Karl still has not invited me for his show (I could have been a very calm guest and I would not have had the need to live the parade through the screen of my phone, we see each one of you on your phones guys in the back)

But let’s end the joking part for now, once again I write an article on a Chanel show because I simply found it wonderful. For me, it represented the expression of many arts including music, architecture and of course fashion!

Karl Lagarfeld is famous for setting up spectacular scenery and organizing his show in exceptional places. For this one, everything takes place in Hamburg (Germany) in the Elbe Philharmonie (designed by the architects Herzog and De Meuron and which opened its doors on January 11, 2017). This place showcases architecture, check these few pictures by yourself and also pay attention to music.

Now, let's watch the show !

This music truly fits with fashion with elegance. The mix is simply striking. We can only live and watch this show with passion and strong craze. We do not really feel like witnessing a fashion show but rather a spectacle highlighting self-confident and trendy women.
The maritime world is somehow revisited by Chanel, caps, sacks, sailor shirts, twisted sweater dress, tailored jackets (still in a marine spirit) and many more clothes could make you want to board this show. One thing is certain, we have never been able to see such a beautiful crew! Beyond the sea side, we notice a wealth in terms of design, materials and details on this show.

Sobriety, style, and elegance are in the spotlight and totally highlight woman. I believe this show to be one my favorite in terms of outfit, the woman does not need to reveal all the curves of her body to be "beautiful", she just has to wear a very long dress, a long and loose pants or a very nice peacoat. She can simply be naturally beautiful.

looking forward to writing to you !


Art is for me a form of outlet, a passion, a different world where everything becomes possible and where the abstract can make sense. Many women and men have opened the door to many different arts for us, we can thank all those inspiring and strong personalities for this beautiful legacy they have left us.

I am not an expert in art, even though art fascinates me and allows me to simply escape myself. I will be very happy to be able to develop my own artistic culture thanks to my site and perhaps to make you discover or rediscover some artists or some works of art.

This article is thus a kind of introduction to future possible articles about it. I am not sure right now how these articles will be introduced but I am convinced that it could be very interesting to develop the topics of this section so that it becomes more dynamic, and so that anyone can find interesting stuff to read.

Vanessa Mckeown

Robert Mapplethorpe

Jackson Pollock

Vassily Kandinsky

Vanessa Mckeown

Patrick Demarchelier

Pyrenex, the allied brand of fall-winter.

" Manufacture of lightness since 1859. Pyrenex is a French brand of ready to wear and house accessories, and reknown specialist of the duvet."

As very often during this period of the year and in many countries, heat has gone. But however, the bravest men and women among us still dare to wear shirts or dresses. A problem arises yet. What to wear over them? A jacket ? A trench? Whether it is one or the other, your chances to get stunned by cold as soon as you get one of your feet outside are pretty high !

As far as I am concerned,  I chose for many years the authentic down jackets and especially the Pyrenex ones. But why will you ask me?

Because as to me, a down jacket can perfectly fit with a shirt, a round collar or turtleneck sweater, and many other clothes. If you go for instance for the Authentic Jacket Mat model, you will never be disappointed because you can associate it with many other of your favorite clothes, without risking getting cold.

I believe however that your down jacket must be resistant and warm, especially since awinter jacket is not the same than a summer jacket. Once you got it on your shoulders, you won’t be removing it every five minutes, it will be like your second skin. And you can trust me, Pyrenex will definitely fit your expectations on these. Indeed, the brand “works exclusively with the best breedings of geese and ducks of Aquitaine, the Pyrenees and Poitou to offer its clients a natural quality “made in France”, for which the requirements regarding the traceability, the animal dignity and safeguarding of the environment are fully respected. ” There is thus a will to provide something authentic and qualitative.

As for the design, there are plenty of different models, the brand offers a wide panel of products for man, woman, and children but also for your home. Comfort and style are at stake here.
How could you possibly resist to the design of the Saint Emilion model, being such an elegant and refined model. And please, do not tell me you haven’t spotted  the design of the long down parka Annecy, a true timeless model. Trust me, this one will not be old fashionned anytime soon, though the chances are higher to seduce the more « parka style » than « down jacket » people (white flag, I love them both).

As for the price range, it will obviously depends on model you will fall for, a light down sleeveless vest will cost you 180 € whereas a down jacket will be around 460 € for the Authentic down jacket mat (synthetic fur) or 540 € if you go for the Authentic down jacket shiny. As mentionned earlier, prices evolve in a wide range and even if some prices might seem expensive for some people at the first look, let me assure you that your jacket will be totally viable on the long term thanks to its quality and high durability.

I have been the happy owner of a Pyrenex jacket for over 7 years and it still looks as if it was new, and trust me, such a good durability is really a plus.
I also remember the feeling of comfort and warmness the first time I wore my down jacket, you will always feel ready to face the cold of winter, even for winter sports ! (It is definitely more convenient to hit the ski slopes without a single shiver !)

Here we are, this article comes to its end, I will let you discover the pictures we carried out for this beautiful French brand.

Models : Clara Guilhem, Jeremy Alan Louis, Nicolas B.
Photographer : Montana Sandez, Nicolas B.
Drawing : Tahnee Peterson Stuart.

Paris Fashion week spring summer 2018

Paris falls asleep with Saint Laurent.

The great iron lady will never cease to surprise us with its eternal beauty.

After a replica of the Eiffel Tower during the autumn winter 2018 haute couture fashion show of Karl Lagarfeld, this time the Eiffel tower has been dressed up in iron and bones for the Saint Laurent Paris fashion show. Useless to underline that a show taking place at the Trocadero is impressive and astonishing (the most passionate of you might even shiver with such a wonderful setting !).


So many shorts in this spring summer 2018 collection, Anthony Vaccarello makes it a must have of his collection and we can discover it through various forms. Being myself an undisputed fan of them, I can only enjoy this show, but as it takes everything to make a world, you will also see dresses, pants and even feathers on some outfits!

We can also notice the importance of black and white in this collection mainly through transparency effects, the woman is very nicely enhanced and unveils the curves of her body with elegance and sensuality.


Thus, under this beautiful Eiffel Tower, sparling at the same time than the outfit of this show, the woman, young, kinda "sexy" with a little refinement can only illuminate ourselves during the day, as well as the night.


By the way, if you are spending couple days in Paris, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum opened its doors on October 3rd. This museum can be a true wonder to those who love fashion and are willing to dive in this amazing universe of couture and history.

This museum is located at 5 avenue Marceau in Paris.

But once the night is gone, what happens?

 Paris wakes up with L'oreal.

The Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees are no exception during this beautiful fashion season.


Indeed, L'Oréal Paris introduced us this Sunday October 1st, a spectacular show opened for the first time to the public and the casting was definitely matching to this unique place, Barbara Palvin, Doutzen Kroes and Thylane Blondeau and so many others have set the catwalk on fire !


Smile, self-confidence and fast pace were at the rendez-vous, Paris will remember this great show who offered many outfits from different brand (Isabel Marrant, Ami Paris and so many others) with various hairstyles and  make-up. This show is a true goldmine in terms of inspiration, hairstyle and make up. 


Color is in the spotlight, is not it sparkling?

After this beautiful celebration of fashion and beauty, I will now show you several looks that I loved during this Paris fashion week !

Photos : Vogue

Looking forward to writing to you !

Milan fashion week ss18

Versace Spring Summer 2018 : a tribute to life and to Gianni’s work.

Gianni Versace is none other than Donatella’s deceased brother, you will see through this show and its music, a tribute paid to a great man who "helped women to be themselves"),


I can only applaud Donatella Versace for this show who stands out for its clothes and prints diversity, but for its casting as well, which simply is a mix of the greatest models of yesterday such as Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and of today with Gigi Hadid, Doutzen Kroes or Caroline Trentini parading with strength and enthusiasm.

 As to me, this truly gives to fashion a timeless and never aging image, evolving through time and sublimating strong and proud women. Then this tribute to life takes on its full meaning, fashion has literally no age after all!



The creations on this show cross through time while offering a touch of modernity and which fits to the tastes and colors of the day. Do not be surprised if you see Vogue covers as prints on trouser suits or dresses, or even the timeless portrait of Marilyn Monroe at Warhol on other creations. You might also fall for the western aspect of some clothes (the Hell on Wheels TV show should definitely behave!).

Femininity, sensuality and emotion are on the show’s menu and some timeless clothes of the women's dressing room such as the little black dress are not left behind.


As far as I am concerned, this show was refined and touching, especially towards the end when the last two models who are Gigi Hadid and Binx Walton (10:16) walk down the catwalk together, wearing leggings on which we can notice crosses paying tribute to Gianni one more time.


Time has finally come for the grand finale and all the women together can only surprise us with their strength and determination, so all women can be themselves without being afraid of it. Donatella Versace really offers us a modern and optimistic vision of the woman here.

The celebration ends with a last scene featuring former fashion models whose beauty does not tarnish over time but simply evolves. This moment is unique and rich in emotion, I think fashion will remember it for a long time ... 

This show took place during the famous Fashion Week in Milan.

Now I will show you several looks that I loved during this fashion week !

Photos : Vogue

Looking forward to writing to you !

" I doubt because I believe future will know better "

Elsa Triolet

What a noxious emotion is doubt. We have to face it way too often and this from the beginning of our life (I once doubted which Pokemon to choose when I used to play Pokemon on my Game Boy Color to start the adventure, it was really a very difficult choice to make ...). This emotion accompanies us and can also spread on people around us as soon as we have to choose which way to follow for our professional future.


The uncertainty grows even strongeras soon as you want to choose artistic studies such as art, fashion, graphics but this can also extend to more conventional paths such as psychology, law or medicine (higher education are definitely not a long quiet river !)

For this article I thought it would be interesting to collect different experiences to prove you that no matter what choice you make for your future, there will always be doubts, remarks, criticisms but in the end, only one voice does really count, and it is yours. Never forget to make yourself heard and make choices for yourself and not for others.


Let us talk about medical studies for instance, you will surely have remarks on how hard they are, and maybe that it would be normal not to succeed because not many students have this chance. Why would you be part of it? It is probably not worthy to stumble so much about them ...

As for psychology ? Building your patient base will definitely be too hard of a task, not even mentioning the pressure on psychiatrists’ shoulders, plus let us face it, society will most likely not appreciate it. Be careful, you are studying my way of being (oh wait, I forgot, you are studying psycho right!). Oh and by the way, only the wealthiest of you will be able to open your own office in the end, you should consider quitting now and switch to another job!


What about law studies ?! But hey, as you probably all know, just learn the civil code by heart and you will succeed anytime. (It is even allowed for some exams, so simple.) But what then, what are you going to do? lawyer? It is true that law studies do not open many doors…

But enough serious, let's move on to the glitter!


Ever considered becoming a model ? Then you should probably stop eating because you will be considered from now on as an object, a coat rack, and yeah, you will be abused of course. Do not be too small or too tall. But once you fit all squares, remember that it is not a real job (your contracts are only illusions ...), and it is far too random, people are false and fake, you will be eaten alive and let’s be realistic, you are not really Doutzen Kroes either ...

Wannabe a stylist ? But it is not a real job, you'd better do something more down to earth, something in your reach. Why would not you consider doing it as a hobby, from time to time you know? You should rather be like your friend who studies hard and have fun aside it! (Thanks, but ... no thanks.)


Photographer or influencer / blogger on social networks? Wait, you are trolling me! Is this even a job? It is rather a hobby. I suggest you to find another job, I mean some real job you know? I mean, I like taking pretty pictures too but would that make me a photographer? Seriously you had better do something else, you have no future here and that would only be for a short period of time either way.


Here is a sample of discouraging and unpleasant remarks you will most likely face when you got to choose your path and take major decision in your life. Doubts, criticisms, uncertainties. Obviously there will always be people to encourage and help you, but doubts will remain way too often and will probably discourage you to take any “risks” at all, and make you miss important things or experiences. But why is there any doubt?

  Probably because of fear, these doubts do not necessarily arise from a bad intention but may come from the fear of your relatives about your future. In these cases, do not give up, use it  as a strength to prove yourself that you can do it, and to those around you that it is not because you will choose something they are not familiar with, that you will not succeed or get the best out of it. Just make sure you have a backup plan, even if you do not succeed, at least you will get experience out of it, and I assure you that living with remorse is better than living with regrets.

 Or perhaps jealousy, the jealousy of some people far too close to you, a bit perverse narcissist on edges or sociopaths in some extreme cases. In that very specific case, you should better renounce this friendship than your future. You will finally get rid of a significant amount of negativity and a certain heaviness, but you will be able to do what you like above all.


Finally many other causes to these doubts could be listed, I will not enumerate them all, otherwise this article would never end.

If there is one thing you need to be safe and sure about, it is undoubtedly you ! Do not forget who you are and stop thinking that dreams and desires must remain that way. If some people have been able to do this, you too will be, it is only up to you. And to push it even a bit further, how would have the world looked like if the greater people we all know (without making any distinction in relation to the type of activity) had given up at the first shadow of doubt? Could we still consider escaping through reading, painting and admiring fashion shows? So many things worth contemplating and that you can never get bored of, that would have never even existed.


But let's finish this article with a touch of enthusiasm and assume that nothing is impossible. I wish you all a wonderful bright and successful future.

Affectionately yours,




t's time for a new Fashion week and this time, women and haute couture will be under the spotlights to present us the fall-winter 2017/2018 collection.

Let's go back to our old habits and start with a new alphabetical order to go through together five shows I really enjoyed!

 Let's start with the letter C with Chanel !

With Karl Lagarfeld as its artistic director, this couture house will always surprise us by the beauty and the creativity of its decors. This time the show takes place under the dome of the Grand Palais with a replica of the Eiffel Tower with its head in the clouds (is not that impressive?)


For this show, Karl Lagarfeld shares with usthe vision of a Parisian woman who could be reborn, everything is about haircuts, shapes, and silhouettes ”.


This show brings us some serious fresh air by playing with different shapes of the outfits, superimpositions effects on the sleeves, there are even ample sleeves or feathers at the armholes as well as flowers on the shoulders.

You will find tweed on many outfits but also silk mikado for some black dresses and for the bride’s one. Shiny embroideries sometimes associated with feathers on the armholes will certainly not make the outfit go unnoticed.


The Parisian woman, dressed with her hat and her boots or leggings can only seduce you on this show !

Let's continue on the letter C with Christian Dior,

Having Maria Grazia Chiuri as artistic director, this show could awake your adventurer spirit thanks to this nature oriented decor composed of wooden animals. This is what Maria Grazia Chiuri wanted to express through this collection: a vision of an adventurous and universal woman.


This show also celebrates the 70th anniversary of the house, for your information, an exhibition dedicated to Christian Dior opened on July 5 at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. Do not hesitate to visit it if you are in the beautiful city, it ends on January 7, 2018 and costs only 11 euros and 8.50 euros as a reduced cost


But back to our show.

Right from the beginning we can notice a masculine side with a very "aviator" outift at 0:55 seconds, but the femininity quickly resumes and is shown through very aerial dresses made of organza or silk, not to mention the transparency, revealing occasionally the top or the legs of the adventurers of the show

We can even underline the "puritanical" style on some hiding every single centimeter of skin without forgetting the use of the hat. 

A more romantic style is coming right after with very floral dresses and jackets.


The adventurer has never been so beautiful and self-confident, she can come from anywhere, she will never lose her elegance and her determination.

Now, Elie Saab, please lead the dance!

Having Elie Saab as its artistic director, this indoor show with a shiny floor could seduce you by the beauty and rarity of its creations.


The fall winter 2017/2018 princesses amaze us with their very rare beauty. Dressed in blue, black, red, green, silver or gold, they are not afraid of cold and even face it in dresses with a very elegant cloak, sometimes with a kimono jacket or with a small sleeveless fur vest.


The outfits here are incredibly refined and elaborated, each detail matters: embroideries, transparency, brightness and feathers are at stake and embellishes the dresses which can either be slit or not, with different types of necks either V-neck or round neck.

Finally, gold and silver will be mixed with colors such as black, blue, green or red.


The fall winter 2017/2018 looks very elegant on Elie Saab’s side !

Jean Paul Gaultier, it's your turn.

With its artistic director, Jean Paul Gaultier, this show will most certainly be very snowy and mountainous.


Haute couture does not spare the mountain and is presented under its different shapes and colors. Very wintery colors such as white, black, gray which will oppose and mix themselves to vivid and dynamic colors such as blue, red and golden.

A multitude of dresses with different shapes and armholes unfold themselves before our eyes, some having only one sleeve, others displaying a more scenic and theatrical side while the last ones are very tight fitting.

 The fall winter can be faced with a chapka, an elegant veil, a winter cap and sometimes without anything (limiting the risk of being blown away!). You can also face the cold of winter with sweaters or rolled-neck dresses, sleeveless jackets, sweaters and jacquard jackets, as well as spindle pants or academic colored pants (red, blue, golden).

Finally, transparency is also on the menu for this winter sometimes revealing the chest, with a shiny side on the shoulders on certain outfits, giving us the impression you walked under the snow.


Méribel, Courchevel and Val d'Isère should behave well with this new collection!

Finally, Ralph & Russo, please close this article,

Having Tamara Ralph as an artistic director, this show honors elegant, refined and modern women.


Here the winter will be faced with dresses with or without slits, sometimes with a bare back or a V-neck.

The dresses could seduce you with their fluid and aerial looks or their timeless fringes. Golden or silver embroideries on white, transparent dresses and many other models will bring refinement, rarity and elegance.


Tamara Ralph also dares the mix of materials as we can notice at 8:25 minutes of this show where we can see golden crystals mixing with ostrich feathers. Crystals can also be combined with organza that sometimes wrinkles like a flower.


How not to fall for the elegance of this last show?

It is the end my friends, a big bravo to the designers and models for this wonderful moment.

Looking forward to writing to you !

Paris fashion week spring / summer 2018.

Men will not be left behind in this article. Indeed, the Fashion week took place in Paris from June 21 to June 25. The Spring Summer 2018 collection was on the menu. I'm not going to tell you about all the shows in this beautiful fashion week (otherwise you might end with a blurry vision) but rather the ones I enjoyed the most. These fashion starred chefs might very well surprise you once again !

And why not order all of it in alphabetical order? (One has to live dangerously...)

I will therefore start with the brand Ami Paris whose artistic director is Alexandre Mattiussi. The show hasn’t even begun yet that I already am delighted with this pink floor which will definitely enlighten the different outfits (look, we can even see the Seine at the bottom, isn’t it nice?).

A very wide panel of colors will be displayed in this show, blue, green, grey, cream, black, pink and red in various shades.

 These colors can sometimes be mixed together or be one and only, as you will probably notice for the denim look that can be seen from the first few seconds of the show (0:12 seconds to be precise) or for all stripes looks (green or blue).

 Many types of clothes are presented to us, tailors, pants (under different cuts even in bright green), shorts, blazer jackets, long coats, shirts that sometimes include floral Hawaien prints to be precise) or bands of pink or black.

 I really loved the style that Alexandre Mattiussi presented to us today where many men can find something that will please them. I definitely fall for the “all denim” outfits, because denim and me are friends for life!

But who will be next?

( drum roll )

Dior, this is your time !


But who is the designer of this beautiful menu? It's none other than Kris Van Assche. Here the decor is made of synthetic turf on the ground and black and shiny suspensions on the ceiling.


For this show, black, white, gray, red and bordeaux are waiting for you. As for the clothes Kris Van Assche rejects, as he specifies himself, the limits of the tailor, we can indeed notice it in different forms, cuts and style (short, long, with or without sleeves, everyone and every taste will be satisfied!). We can also note a very “mid school” and “university” aspect through the use on specific part of white and black, red, on many clothes such as jackets, shorts or pants.


I especially liked the shirts and their accessories in this show, they are adorned with necklaces that gives us the impression to be part of them. I also loved many jackets as well as many shorts present here, being myself small, I can only agree with the short cuts and imagine wearing them.

We're not done with the D...

Now, Dries Van Noten, it's up to you !

With artistic director Dries Van Noten, this elegant brand offers us a very eighties show (but still modern touches) and in green tones, creams, chestnuts, yellows, you got it soft and light shades. Here the scenery is similar to a press office with what I think to be documents, books, folders in the bottom (Sadly I can’t turn the pages of them on my screen to tell you precisely their stories ...).

As for clothes ? We can find here different types of clothes like shorts, long jackets or even sweaters long enough to reach the bottom of the shorts. The shirts are worn off or in the pants (I do not have a preference at this level since I like to wear them in both ways and change according to my mood and the type of shirt I wear). There are different types of shirts, some embroidery, some others have patterns, sometimes floral (I love it) and sometimes "military". There are also V-neck tops, long trench coats or blazer jackets. We can notice a mix of prints in some outfits: patterned shirts are worn with pants or check jackets.


I loved this very refined show, purity and rarity at the same time that can be seen through the different clothes. There is also a perfect combination of colors, I cannot prevent myself from watching and admiring every single outfit and almost falling in love with these beautiful patterned shirts.

Let us fly now on the side of the letter L !

(  Another drum roll  )

Louis Vuitton, it's your turn !


Kim Jones, the artistic director of this beautiful house, presents his Spring Summer 2018 collection at the Palais Royal in Paris (a simply beautiful, clear and bright decor).


Gray, blue, white, green and red are on the menu. We can note a mix of volumes with loose pants, shorts or pants near the body that one could qualify as diving pants with sometimes colored bands. There are also waterproof jackets, very elegant striped or patterned shirts (again, I have fallen for these), backpacks, saddlebags and also belts with a push button.


Here, the atmosphere is sea-centered, traveling oriented, wouldn’t it be the next year's marine streetwear ? This atmosphere is also reinforced thanks to all these hats under their different forms.

I particularly enjoyed the mix of volumes on this show, with outfits composed of a close to the body and larger pieces, giving it a very aesthetic aspect. I believe that the first look was still my favorite, it is only harmony and beauty according to me.

Now, a last show for the grand finale ! 

Valentino, on stage !

With its artistic director Pierpaolo Piccioli, this indoor show puts urban man in the spotlight. Different shades of green, blue, white and red are at the rendez-vous.

 There is a sportwear and streetwear side on this one with for example tracksuits, saddlebags but nevertheless enhanced with a chic and luxurious aspect with shirts and beads embroidered on the strips of joggings. We can see different types of clothing, there are anoraks, jackets and trousers of different types, from pants arriving at the ankle to jogging pants with white stripes on!


We can conclude on the fact that on this collection, sportwear and chic come and are mixed together, and do the show side by side and I loved that spirit! In terms of clothes, I had a crush for the jackets and coats which I think could easily please more than one person!

Now, this article is coming to an end, there will be no more drum rolls.

I would like to congratulate all those designers who will never cease to inspire us and make us dream, and I also want to thank you for this long reading, I suspect that this was not that simple but I hope that you enjoyed it anyway.

Looking forward to writing to you again! 

let's dance with Balmain !

le style au bout des pieds.

le style au bout des pieds.

Are you ready to dance ?

You most probably know the brand Balmain. (Famous french fashion house created in 1946 in Paris by Pierre Balmain and whose artistic director is Olivier Rousteing since 2011). Perhaps through TV commercials, fashion shows during which our favorite it-girls always walk with determination and charisma (go go go girls) or even through social networks.


But did you know that this beautiful French brand now works in collaboration with the Paris Opera ?


 Indeed, a series of costumes was created for the Renaissance ballet (choregraphed by the dancer Sébastien Bertaud). The performance took place from 13 to 18 June at the Opéra Garnier. Located in Place de l'Opéra in Paris and inaugurated in 1875, the Opera organizes many events such as free or guided tours to discover this beautiful place. But there are also many performances, for your information, a dance ballet called La Sylphide will take place from July 1, 2017 to July 16, 2017.

But let’s go back to the essentials and to this great partnership between Balmain and the Paris Opera, what about the style of the costumes?


 If you look carefully at the video above my article, you can see that brightness, elegance and modernity are on the menu. There are numerous embroideries on these flesh-colored suits, accentuating the finishes of each model giving them an aspect of unicity and rarity. We can also note the presence of many pearls (isn’t that refined?) on the outfits as well as a predominance of gold and silver, bringing a shiny side that one cannot help but stare at. The work of Olivier Rousteing never stops surprising us !

If you wish to see more of his work, I can only advise you to click here to discover this beautiful ballet in full action (isn’t it shining and sparkling?)

Picture 1,2 : Palais Garnier

Other pictures : par Luc Braquet

IT's almost over...

I am leaving you here because I have to finish my article on another beautiful news that is none other than the association of Balmain and L'oréal Paris for the realization of a makeup collection. That collaboration which was announced on May 3, 2017 will happen in September (a little "comfort" for you ladies before you have to get back to work or studies!)


Looking forward to writing to you !

Pictures : Julien Benhamou

The style at the toes

le style au bout des pieds.

Photos : myself with my Happy socks

parlons peu, parlons chaussettes !

Years ago (around 4 years), I used to underestimate the power of the sock, I simply made it so that we rarely spot those small pieces of tissue which, as far as I am concerned, were always black (except on Sunday when everything was allowed).


But the past must belong to the past, we are in 2017 and "those little pieces of fabric" that I underestimated so much have now become a must have accessory to complete a look. There are not so many “fashion faux pas” in terms of socks nowadays (or false feet should I say ...), many prints appear, sobriety is still trendy while keeping its "elegance" and the materials are multiple. Any specific style will find socks that will do the job, it is not impossible to have a very classy dandy style while adding a touch of fun at the end of one’s feet (I think it is really cool actually ).


But who are they? What are they? What are the socks?


According to the dictionary, a sock is: a knitted article that is put on the foot and rising on the leg up to mid-calf or to the knee.


(Obviously I will not answer all these questions, it was to put you in the mood! But for the record, the first appearance of socks goes back to the year 2000 BC in Syria.)


How about a selection of different brands of socks so you may be able to find sock at your feet?

Let's start with the sparkling Swedish brand Happy Socks. You will find many printed socks with a large panel of colors for men and women but also for children (you will also find other types of underwear). Joy, style and laugh are mixing together in this brand, it is not impossible to see pineapples, cherries or palms on your feet! But you will also find business socks available in the "Dressed socks" section of their website.

Then, the Parisian store Mes chaussettes rouges could certainly make the happiness of many men loving the classical and elegant clothes. Indeed, it brings together different brands such as the brand Mazarin, Gammarelli, Gallo and many others! Here you will find a wide range of colors and a design that is both sober and refined. You can also find materials that can range from silk to cashmere. Elegance, refinement and good taste will be the mainstream in this store.

Link : click click

But the elegance is also present in the Doré Doré brand that you can find on the Boulevard Doré site (the first distributor of Doré doré on the internet) and socks made in Italy. Here again, men, women and children will be able to make their whishlist of socks together. I especially appreciate the wide range of products present in the category "Men's Socks - Golden Doré Socks" where Scotch yarn and Merino wool could make you fall for them.

But let's not forget the sportwear side of things, and for that, let's talk about the Adidas brand offering comfortable sportswear socks with the little white sock (no, not the little black dress ...) or with camo pattern socks. Do not underestimate their power, they can make the owner very stylish if he has for instance black short trousers (not cropped trousers) or a vintage cut jeans and sleek or printed tops (According to your choice and according to your taste of course). Sport is life, then, friends!

But socks are also sold by major and luxurious brands, Gucci proving it for example. The collection of this beautiful Italian brand is great! You will notice that there is a sportwear side on some models of this collection but also a refined side. Two materials such as wool and cotton are opposed.

But beware, embroideries representing a head of panther, tiger or a bee could charm you! Finally, trend, style and embroidery are at the rendez-vous at Gucci.

Link : click click

But, in your childhood, did you like Snoopy?


If the answer is yes, then the collaboration of Vans with Peanuts (Snoopy) could interest you, many products put under the spotlights this little funny guy, the comic strip side just brings a little unique plus to this product to my eyes. One’s can never get bored of it ! So if you want to see Snoopy skate on your feet, say yes to the "VANS X PEANUTS" collection.

Link : click click



I am finishing this article on this good Snoopy news (I missed him). The bottom line of the story is that any man and woman can find socks at their feet and taste. And if you do not want your socks to stick out of your shoes, just go for the invisible socks that are certainly not sexy but that will remain loyal allies for your derbies, sneakers or moccasins. Some brands of shoes make sure you do not need to put on socks, they can also be a solution for you, but this is another topic ... :)


Looking forward to writing to you!


The Contemporary Renaissance.


But where are we today?


For this 2018 cruise collection, the show of the beautiful Italian brand Gucci took place on Monday 29 May in the Palatine Gallery of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. This gallery houses many works of art, the collection of paintings that we can admire in the first few seconds of the show are from the late Renaissance and Baroque periods.

This place perfectly illustrates the inspiration that Alessandro Michele (artistic director of Gucci since 2015) has had for this collection, which are not only the Renaissance but also the goddesses of old Hollywood.


Let's talk little, let's talk style!


About the colors ?


Many bright and vivid colors will be queens in this collection.

Pink in all its shades, green or even golden could certainly make you want to take the lead of the monarchy.


What about the outfits?


We can notice the presence of long dresses for women and short shorts for men (Renaissance is definitely in the air, remember these women wearing long dresses and men wearing high breeches.).


But do not have a heart attack, modernity is still in the game here!


You will find in this show denim in the form of shorts or trousers, "aviator" jackets of different colors and many floral prints. These prints are especially present on shirts, pants, skirts and many other clothes. Finally, sequins and a real embroidery work have been made on some clothes (bravo, I would not have done a better job of my ten fingers).


And accessories in all that?


New accessories such as bags (with crystal details or embroidery) or tights will probably make you happy, ladies!

Picture 1 : Florence Tourisme

Picture 2 : Visite Florence

All other pictures : Gucci

And here we go, me being chatty again...


I appreciate the energy and style of this show, who has never wished to travel through time after all? Going back in the time and immersing oneself in another atmosphere? It is in some way, what we have just experienced through the Italian brand show, but without forgetting the contemporary side of the thing.

The location of the show makes the journey possible, just like a work of art you would take the time to watch, the models take their time to do their thing on the catwalk, so that no detail can escape us. They somehow become themselves "works of art" sublimated by accessories such as wreaths of laurels, necklaces of pearls sometimes surrounding their faces or even jewelry on their hands, accented by blackened fingers.


We can thus witness in this show two very distinct period of History opposing and mixing themselves at the same time to become as my title underlines it, a sort of contemporary Renaissance.

Thank you Alessandro Michele for this moment!


I let you discover my favorite looks of the show with the pictures illustrating this article. 


Looking forward to writing to you!

Model : Gao Jie

Model :Keiron Caynes

Model : Fabienne Dobbe

Model : Marten Padama

Model : Liz Yefremava

Pictures : Vogue


You don't need to be Maya the Bee to wear stripes on you.

Girls, boys, children, grandparents, the stripe is your friend in any form whatsover.

From the sailor (oh loyal friend of the sea air) to the scarf (oh loyal protector of the human body) until the bomber (you didn't see this one cominf did you? I mean yeah you actually saw it on me !). Its simple and eternal design bring to its owner if we take the example of the sailor to seem cool and casual with a jeans (men, this is for you!) but also to seem chic and feminine with for example a black leather skirt (girls, this is for you !


You will find that many possibilities come with the stripes, depending on the type of stripe, the clothes you wear and last but not least your morphotype !

On these few wise words, I'am leaving you to get dressed my striped bomber

louis vuitton cruise 2018

Camille hurel


A magnificent landscape is emerging, Kyoto’s environment and architecture are already ravishing me.


The models start their show on the catwalk (I hope no one will catch sunburn for that matter) and the first outfits make their appearance, beautiful coats of noble materials are pleasing our eyes. I am literally falling for the sixth look consisting of an emerald green short and a sweater with very aesthetic prints. Taking into account that the show only began three minutes and forty eight second ago (3:48), this looks really promising, trust me!

The make-up is as beautiful and powerful as the decor. Fashion amazons are walking with confidence and subliming the clothes of the show (congrats!). I like the diversity offered by graphics and materials on this show, each outfit being unique, some of them playing with transparency, such as for example the ten minutes and thirty seconds outfit, or the one at eleven minutes (11:00), an elegant transparency of course!

Now I am bewitched by the eleven minutes and fifty nine seconds (11:59) look, with its masculine - feminine touch that one can only appreciate.

Time of the grand finale has come, the beautiful Amazons are stepping down in a perfect harmony to end the show behind one another. Unfortunately they do not make the caterpillar by pushing a little song but still, it is beautiful for that matter!



The show is now over, thanks to Nicolas Ghesquière for this delicate moment.

Model : Liz Yefremava

Photos : Elle

Photos : Vogue

Photos : Louis Vuitton

Place : Musée Miho

Show : Click click

ON MARCH 9 - 18:09

(Today let us fly away with Chanel.)

I just launched the video (a small front row but on my couch) of the last show of Chanel, did you see it?
For now, I can say that the scenery is quite impressive as usual, I like to be amazed and to dive into another universe when I look at a show, and it definitely keeps its promises. This spaceship would almost make me want to go onto the moon!
The catwalk seems to be never-ending and the top casting is very enjoyable. Each model releases its own energy and passion through their own special atypical beauty, always with this little "je ne sais quoi". (Fourteen minutes and ten seconds). As for the outfits? A hint of brilliance and elegance, and still we have this feeling of unique and rarity when we look at the clothes of the show, one can only imagine the tremendous work achieved on each one of them.
Now, Karl and his nephew are pressing the big button (eighteen minutes and fifty seven seconds) and the ship is taking off. Here is the smoke and the grand final composed of "astronauts" of exception ...

Thank you Karl for this moment!

Looking forward to writing to you!

As many people are more visual than textual, I made a little slide show with some pictures to help you dive into this beautiful atmosphere. These photos come from the Vogue site and according to me, illustrate the show in a perfect way. Do not hesitate to go see their website which displays many other pictures or to go see the video of the fashion show on youtube, which will perhaps succeed in making you sing or dance who knows ....







The lemon will defeat!

ON APRIL 14 - 16:26

Today, I will introduce a completely different subject and get out of my comfort zone (for once). I will tell you about a tip I learned through a friend and that might be useful to you men and women of all ages!


Let’s start with first question: do you have a lemon wandering in your kitchen or in your fruit basket? (This is how I wanted to try it out and then what made me invest in it ...).


If the answer is yes, I will ask you now a question that you might find a bit inappropriate ... Do you have from time to time black spots emerging here and there on your face?


If the answer is yes, then no need to worry, I have a very nice tip for you!

The solution lies in my title. Lemon could simply be a cheap and natural alternative to fix those small skin problems that sometimes bother us and make us do crazy painful stuff to get rid of them.


I do not usually write this type of article simply because I am not really concerned by any beauty routine. I prefer to let my skin breathe most of the time and try to prevent her from too much torture otherwise it will turn red and unsightly (I exfoliate my skin sometimes though).

Lemon kisses !

Back on topic! The lemon will certainly defeat, but how?


It's simple, take a lemon, cut the fruit in four parts (you can also cut these parts again if it seems too big) then take a part and apply softly on your face (violence is not required there, slow rubbing on the quarantined areas is enough). Now you can throw the used part of the lemon off. It should slightly sting and you probably have small lemon pulps on the face (you can remove them, do not worry), reproduce this gesture for a week every night, sleep with it, wash your face the next morning and you will see (from my experience) some great improvements!


Many other techniques can be performed to apply this kind of skin care, some people will use a cotton to apply the lemon juice, previously squeezed in a glass than you can let in your fridge, others will dilute with something else and others still squeeze the lemon directly on the skin. So feel free to get yourself informed and to apply the most suitable method for you (I would not enjoy doing the misfortune of some of you).


All I got left to do now is to finish my lemon skincare week, without forgetting to hydrate my skin after it of course!

Photo : Vanessa Mckeown

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Oh sweet friends of the day, of the sun and of the ​sight itself, I love you so much !

What do you think of glasses in general?


This question deserves several answers!

As to me, glasses allow us to face the sun, to rest our eyes, help us out with vision problems but also to complete a look and sometimes even to make our faces prettier (Do not abuse it either, it's good to have style but wearing sunglasses at night is a concept that I do not quite understand, one will say that I am probably old fashioned...).


When do you personally wear glasses?


I wear them mainly in summer, sunglasses to be precise in order to tan, to walk comfortably, but not to swim (accidents such as a simple loss, deep drowning glasses or even a chlorine attack can happen really quickly in summer...). As for the traditional glasses, I generally wear them to give a look a final fashion touch and to help people finding inspiration when I post pictures. I do not have any specific sight issues so I do not wear them most of the time.


Among all the models you have, what would be your favorite?


The ones that I love the most are undoubtedly my Persol that I bought a few years ago. They always make me feel so comfortable and self-confident. They have the perfect size for my face and they also are very pleasant to wear. They remind me of the sea and all the good stuff when it comes to holidays.


How do you choose them?


According to my favorite, I will be attracted to everlasting and timeless models, the kind of glasses which will not get you bored of in 4 years for instance(my Persol are the living or rather not living proof of it). But I will also always choose glasses with a refined and / or retro style that will make me fall for them at first sight.


What will be the next trend according to you?


I am certainly not a fortune teller but I would sometimes like to be one. I believe, when it comes down to glasses, that there is not a single trend nor a unique mainstream, but a wide panel of new ways to wear them, renewed almost on an annual basis, not to mention the wide variety of classic and timeless models! If you take the Ray Ban Wayfarer, for example, these glasses have been around for years and are still existing and creating themselves a future by modernizing or accessorizing their looks! But from what I have been seeing on social networks and on the website of some fashion brands, imposing and large models, retro and vintage models seem to make many happy men and women.


Why these pictures?


I wanted to illustrate this article myself and I went for colorful and clear backgrounds sublimating the somewhat dark / black design of many models I own. The rest was shot with hat fell into my hands at that very moment, pack of popcorn, a glass of water or anything else really, and there you go!

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