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Benefit from 15% thanks to a unique discount code "MAUVAISE15" on the website of Daniel Wellington.

"A quest for perfection, starting in the details"

That is definitely the first feeling emerging when we observe the design of DW.
Models of watches evolving through ages, minimalist and elegant. That’s a fact, one can only find his happiness there!

But also bracelets have emerged, we can then wish a long life to the bracelet Classic Cuff that comes to ornate with delicacy and style your wrist as well as your watch.

Buy a watch and receive a free bracelet.  (offer available until 4th september)

Drawing : by Tahnee Peterson Stuart.

Illustration: by Tahnee Peterson Stuart.


"The spirit of travel eternally by your side"



As this quotation points it out, travel could definitely be within your reach!

Are you puzzled? Let me tell you more about it..


I AM KAMU  is no other than a brand from Germany with a philosophy and inspiration for travel.

Each bracelet bears names of major cities such as Paris, New York, Marrakech and so many others ...

The design is trendy, elegant and above all, perfect for any occasion, we can notice the presence of an anchor engraved on many models. This one can be made of silver as this Cape Town Rocks model illustrates it (Cosmopolitan collection) or alternatively made of "Gunmetal" as for this Berlin Beats model (Cosmopolitan collection) or even of 18k gold plated perfectly highlighted by the Hanoi Field model (Nomad collection). You will find many more models that also should suit your tastes.

Type the following code to benefit from a 15% discount :  " nicolasig15 "

Illustration: by Tahnee Peterson Stuart.



"A casual elegance style that combines eclecticism between sophisticated booties and derbys, and some more voluntary models inspired by travels and rock culture"



This is indeed what we can notice when we observe the different products that Kost offers us on his website. Derbys, ankle boots, baskets shoes, socks, shoelaces or even leather care products available by unit or in a box (a must have for your leather shoes) are in the spotlight.

You will definitely notice a design marked by a casual elegance, classy, vintage and original but in a sober fashion (no superfluous here!).

" Everyday accessories made better by design "







Every single man caring about his look needs accessories, but not just any accessories! Today I am going to introduce you the very refined brand Nodus that could become a source of happiness for many of you! (Women might very well find there a hint of happiness as well). 


Drawing : by Tahnee Peterson Stuart.



Technology and nature are one.

Who would have believed it? Enjoying the benefits of nature and technology at the same time. But as you probably know, almost everything is possible nowadays!

Woodcessories demonstrates it perfectly by offering us a line of accessories for Apple in a minimalist design and mainly made of wood (essentially from Europe and North America). Many models can thus find a warm, sturdy and elegant "fortress" and may even be avoiding you some scares when your device drops!

Dessin : par Tahnee Peterson Stuart.


" Beautiful bags to go to the office or on vacation, cases to dress your digital tablet or phone and even card holder."

This is indeed what I think when I see the refinement and elegance coming from this brand combining quality and fineness.

Drawing : by Tahnee Peterson Stuart.

Dogme 96 :

modern and trendy

"Stylish and trendy bracelets for men".

I can only agree with this quotation

Drawing : par Tahnee Peterson Stuart.

Happy Beads

"Unique and stylish bracelets for men and women"


This is what comes to my mind when I see this colored and natural design of these wooden bracelets).

Drawing : by Tahnee Peterson Stuart.

Stylish William L . 1985's watches

Watches are a fairly common passion shared by men who care about their look. Always on our wrist, not only to remind us of the time and avoid us being late, but also to add a classy touch and sublimate your look.

(If you dress your body up every day, why wouldn’t your wrist also have the chance to look elegant?)

Drawing : by Tahnee Peterson Stuart.

The jeans,

the denim

What is blue,  begin by a J and finish by a S ?

This is the jean ( yes I know, there is the title....). 

Drawing : Inspiration of Aitor Throup by Tahnee Peterson Stuart.

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